QuickStick Mini Pin Flags

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DESCRIPTION: Birdie Media's QuickStick Pin Flags are miniature flagstick signs that quickly attach to any golf pin in lieu of replacing the top flag.

QuickStick Mini Pin Flags are quick to setup and remove and require no hardware for attachment. Simply stick a length of double-sided foam tape (included) to the pin and then join the flag by pressing firmly in place. QuickStick Mini Pin Flags stay put even in strong winds and the scrim vinyl is an excellent choice for outdoor usage.


  • Product: QuickStick Mini Pin Flags
  • Description: Pin Flag Signage
  • Dimensions: 9"W x 6"H
  • Substrates: 13oz Matte Scrim Vinyl
  • Printing: Single-sided
  • Design & Approval: 2 Business Days
  • Production & Shipping: 10 Business Days

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QuickStick Mini Pin Flags
QuickStick Mini Pin Flags
QuickStick Mini Pin Flags