Golf Cart Path Decals

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Birdie Media’s golf cart path and sidewalk decals have excellent adhesion properties for usage on rougher outdoor textured surfaces such as asphalt, non-sealed concrete, stucco and brick. These semi-permanent aluminum foil decals are designed to withstand light traffic for a short duration of several weeks making them ideal for 1-2 day golf events. The golf cart path decals attract attention and offer another opportunity to display golf sponsor graphics and information.

Use golf cart path decals to pay extra attention to top tier tournament sponsors, as directional signage or to promote 18 different sponsored golf holes as either an alternative or addition to tee signs. Decals are not designed for parking directly over the graphic as the tires may cause the decal to lift or peel. The sidewalk decals are removable after use and can withstand rolling golf carts and moving foot traffic especially in the case of single day golf events.

Note: Price shown is for 12 or more decals all sharing the same logo/design.


  • Product: Golf Cart Path Decals
  • Material: 8 mil
  • Printing: Digital Full Color
  • Dimensions: 12"x12"  /  18"x18"
  • Usage Duration: Under 3 Months
  • Design & Approval: 2 Business Days
  • Production & Shipping: 10 Business Days

After your order is placed, a representative will contact you within 2 business days to procure all sponsor event logos and creative direction necessary for product development and fulfillment. To maintain brand consistency, your selected products will be specifically designed to reflect and compliment the established logo branding for each sponsor. Preferred logo file formats: Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw (AI • EPS • SVG • CDR). Other acceptable file formats are high resolution: (JPG • PNG • TIF)

If you are unable to provide each sponsor logo in one of the specified formats our art department can recreate the logo for a fee to ensure proper print quality. Birdie Media is not liable for pixelated or blurry art reproduction caused by low resolution logos/graphics provided by the customer. Alternatively, you may opt to have the sponsor’s name typed using plain text.

Golf Cart Path Decals
Golf Cart Path Decals
Golf Cart Path Decals
Golf Cart Path Decals
Golf Cart Path Decals