Hello – Cobraluminum
Directional, Informational and Navigational Signage

Solid Aluminum -or- Aluminum Composite

Promote your golf club while maintaining a consistent appearance across the course.

Now more than ever, it’s important to avoid contact with shared surfaces. Protect yourself with GermKey. This touch-free tool keeps you away from dirty handles and public surfaces. The antimicrobial brass material naturally kills germs and stands up to everyday use.

Brass is an alloy comprised primarily of copper (70%) which has the inherent capability to kill a broad range of harmful microbes and self-clean within hours of contact. Use the GermKey to avoid skin contact with touchscreens, handles, locks, elevator buttons, ATM's, levers, keypads, switches, faucets, gas pumps and more. GermKey is your defense against harmful bacteria in public space

3 products

3 products