Pennant Flags (15', 30' and 60' Strands)

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Sponsored Pennant Banners can be incredibly expensive and difficult to find in low quantities. Birdie Media has created a pennant flags banner for use at golf tournaments and outdoor events. Use these sponsored pennants to define a designated space, direct a group of people or contain guests within a line. These pennant banners are offered in 3 strand lengths including: 15' with 7 pennants, 30' with 15 pennants and 60' with 33 pennants. Each pennant is 17"W from left to right and tapers to a point 8.5"H. Printed 2-sided and full color on lightweight vinyl, these pennant banners are an excellent way to promote a sponsor or business and all include extra cord at either end for tying.

Birdie Media suggests staking the green lightweight steel fence U-post* or T-post* between every 7 pennants or so to help distribute the weight evenly and prevent sagging. *Sold separately at most home improvement or hardware retailers.


  • Product: Pennant Flags
  • Fabric: 7 oz. Lightweight Vinyl
  • Product Length: 30'
  • Pennants: 15
  • Pennant Length: 17"
  • Pennant Height: 8.5"
  • Printing: Full Color / Double-Sided
  • Design & Approval: 2 Business Days
  • Production & Shipping: 10 Business Days

After your order is placed, a representative will contact you within 2 business days to procure all sponsor event logos and creative direction necessary for product development and fulfillment. To maintain brand consistency, your selected products will be specifically designed to reflect and compliment the established logo branding for each sponsor. Preferred logo file formats: Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw (AI • EPS • SVG • CDR). Other acceptable file formats are high resolution: (JPG • PNG • TIF)

If you are unable to provide each sponsor logo in one of the specified formats our art department can recreate the logo for a fee to ensure proper print quality. Birdie Media is not liable for pixelated or blurry art reproduction caused by low resolution logos/graphics provided by the customer. Alternatively, you may opt to have the sponsor’s name typed using plain text.

    Pennant Flags (15', 30' and 60' Strands)
    Pennant Flags Banner (30')
    Pennant Flags (15', 30' and 60' Strands)
    Pennant Flags (15', 30' and 60' Strands)
    Pennant Flags (15', 30' and 60' Strands)